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You have no doubt wondered if President Trump will be impeached and whether the odds are worth considering.

People Are Betting On Trump's Impeachment and the Odds

This question, once seen as a rabid liberal fantasy, has percolated into the realm of relative.The latest Donald Trump impeachment odds from Paddy Power Casino following the Presidents controversial Charlottesville remarks.

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Update Cancel. ad by TruthFinder. but the odds of Trump being forced to resign are considerably better,.There has been more betting action on impeachment than whether Trump will fulfill his campaign.

While talk of impeaching President Donald Trump has been in the news, it is unlikely that he will face such an action anytime soon.

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At 4 p.m. Eastern on January 11, the British gambling company Ladbrokes said odds are even that Trump will be impeached or resign before his first term ends. By 5 p.m. the odds had risen even more, to 11-10.Gamblers are particularly...Paddy Power is offering two to one odds that Trump is impeached in his first term.

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Bookies Offers Yuuuge Odds On Donald Trump's Impeachment

It has 11:10 odds that the Republican real estate mogul will leave office via impeachment or resignation.

Trump Impeachment Odds Spike After Flynn Guilty Plea

Betting Odds of the President not completing his term via Resignation, Death, or Impeachment.

Bookmakers Unleash Wave of Trump Impeachment Odds

President Donald Trump may not want to look at betting odds on his impeachment if he wants to get 2018 off to a positive start.Odds that Trump will be impeached or leave the White House in 2017 at 4-1 odds, according to bookies.

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These are the odds on when Donald Trump will leave office as of May 11.

The odds that President Trump will leave office before his first term is officially over are higher than ever, according to overseas bookies.

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Of the three years Trump has remaining in his presidency, the betting site has impeachment most likely in 2018.

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Bookmakers: Trump Impeachment Odds Go Up In 2018

Latest Paddy Power Trump impeachment odds: Russia

Trump impeachment gaining steam in online betting sites

Bookies are offering odds on whether Donald Trump will. the bookmakers have also started leaning toward impeachment. is a staff writer at the Houston Press.President Donald Trump may not want to look at betting odds on his impeachment if he wants to get 2018 off a positive start.