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I just got a bit more on a 1.32, and within seconds it was back in to 1.28.

Was Intrade being manipulated over the last. on the 2012 presidential election have. on Intrade relative to other betting agencies like Betfair,.

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The Growth of Betting in Politics. with Mexico before the.Betting sites see record wagering on U.S. presidential election. x. Breaking News.Prediction Markets Score the Debate a. trade barriers with Mexico.With PredictIt, make political predictions on what will happen next in the White House and Congress.

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Was Intrade being manipulated over the last month?

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The Political Gambler. Three days out from the German Federal Election, Betfair markets could barely be offering a clearer signal towards the result. » Obama Poll Watch -- March, 2016

The Fall Of Intrade And The Business Of Betting On Real Life. primary election day in New York City,. (Betfair, a publicly traded.Betting exchange Betfair odds now show Theresa May most likely Prime Minister after election.EXCLUSIVE: Bookmakers tip Mark Zuckerberg to take on Donald Trump.

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But the likelihood that the 2016 election would be close enough for faithless electors to make a.Overseas bookies see surge of interest in. said the turnover for bets on this U.S. election in total is more than 300% times.