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The term, however, takes on a larger scope than the name implies.First being the obvious, the point of the dart is plastic rather than steel.

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Steel Tip, Soft Tip, GTs, Gorilla Grips, Hammer Head at wholesale or Discount internet prices from Big River Darts.

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Soft tip darts can be difficult to throw, especially if someone is used to throwing regular sharp darts.Official Darts Rules As Controlled By The Two Main Darts World Governing Bodies.

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Along with reading the rules and understanding how the game is to is the premier dart supply store for every major dart brand.Darts. A set of three darts, a dartboard, a scoreboard, and some rules and you are off and playing darts.For soft-tipped darts, the line should be 8 feet from the FACE of the board.

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Diagram of regulation dartboard height and distance for both soft tip and steel tip darts.

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We offer Darts, Dartboards, and Gameroom Accessories - Steel Tip and Soft Tip Darts for.Elkadart GLD Products Elkadart Lone Wolf Nickel-plated Soft-tip Darts 18 Grams.Using soft tip darts allows you to play games not designed for regular sharp tip darts.General Information By-Laws Points System 1099 Information ADO Logo Guidelines.Harrows Softip Darts, from quality high end to cheap affordable darts in soft tip for use with electronic and bristle dartboards.

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Darts Soft Tip Darts These soft tip dart sets are used in all electronic dart boards and in league or tournament play.It is usually mixed with nickel so, tungsten will come in 70, 80, 90.Darts articles, rules, calendars, tournaments, darts, darts pubs, throwing tips,.

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Yard Dart Game Setup Yard darts, or sometimes referred to as Jarts, is a game that is simple to set up in your backyard or tailgate spot.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sportcraft Soft Tip Sky.We offer information and a complete review on buying throwing darts - both soft and steel tip.Try playing one of a few different games with help from a dart.Darts is a form of throwing game in which small missiles are thrown at a circular target (dartboard) fixed to a wall.We offer great deals on steel tip and soft tip darts, dart flights, dart shafts, cases and other accessories.

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Darts Soft Tip Darts These are Soft Tip Dart sets for use with electronic boards at home or in league and tournament play.Easy to follow darts rules from the dart board height,. General. The equipment needed.